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Pretrial Justice Institute
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What if we centered equity in pretrial reform?

Dig into what collaboration and co-creation look like when we put racial equity at the heart of pretrial reform.

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What if we stopped criminalizing public health issues?

Explore what could happen if we moved away from oppression as the response to basic human needs.

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What if the question of safety was two-sided?

This conversation, our third in an 8-part series, explored what pretrial decisions would look like if we took a broader view of safety.

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What if we had more options than 911?

We discussed the imperative of equitable alternatives to 911 and the locally-driven solutions emerging around the country.

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What if we followed the Constitutional standards for pretrial release?

One way to lower jail populations is to go back to basics — Constitutional basics, that is.

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The Value(s) of Pretrial Freedom

What it would look like to invest resources in a way that puts our money where our values are.

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What if police closed the door to mass incarceration?

Practical strategies for implementing citation release policies, while also exploring their potential to alleviate—or exacerbate—racial disparities.

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What if we prioritized community supports in pretrial justice?

Explore how community supports that are not tied to release conditions can help people overcome common barriers to court appearance.

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Unpacking Willful Flight: Roundtable

Imagining a world where willful flight was truly the guiding standard at initial bail hearings.

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Misdemeanors: Driving Pretrial Injustice

We explored alternate ways to address criminalized behaviors, reduce the flow of misdemeanor cases into the pretrial process, and support people safel

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