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What if we prioritized community supports in pretrial justice?

Many people fail to appear in court because they’ve forgotten (or never knew) the date, have a work conflict, or lack transportation or childcare—not because they are actively fleeing. Yet FTAs can result in deeper involvement in the system: warrants for arrest, bail-jumping charges and jail time.

During this special Valentine’s Day event, we got to the heart of FTAs — and explored how community supports that are not tied to release conditions can help people overcome common barriers to court appearance. Watch the replay above!


Alison has been a committed public defender for nearly 20 years. Before coming to NLADA, Alison was the Director of Training and Education for the Connecticut Public Defender Service. Through her alliances with defenders and leaders from across the country, she launched several new programs like Dialogues for Change, an intensive multi-week anti-racism course, and Defender Lab, a week-long trial skills program where new and experienced defenders can test and try on innovative approaches to litigation.

As a former foster youth and child of a formerly incarcerated parent, Shavonte has spent over a decade of her career using her life experiences to support her work in advancing systemic solutions to the distinct challenges and barriers that system-involved youth and their families face. At PJI, Shavonte develops and implements the organization’s change work and curriculum.

Tenille’s work at PJI is part of a lifelong mission to create safe, nurturing workplaces for people representing diversity of thought, lived experience, gender, race and ethnicity. A CPA by trade, she transitioned to the nonprofit field to align with her spirit of advocacy and social justice. She has spent the last ten years as an executive leader, helping to drive transformational change in nonprofit organizations, including the Center for Urban Families and PJI.