Statement in response to
the murder of George Floyd and
the civil unrest in our country

This is PJI. We are 14 people from across the United States. Black, Chinese and white. Young and young at heart. Queer and straight. Single and married. Parents and favorite aunts. We are deeply committed to pretrial justice and to each other. We believe Black Lives Matter.

'Money Bail'

'Cash Bail'

'Bail Bond'

No matter what you call it, requiring people to pay to stay out of jail before trial is unfair and unsafe, and wastes tax dollars

Why America Needs Pretrial Reform READ MORE READ MORE More people are recognizing mass incarceration as an injustice.

More people continue to evolve their thinking about what’s needed to achieve liberty, equity, and safety.

But more and more systems are doing things that may seem like “reform” but are not.

• Educate stakeholders
• Inspire stakeholders to action
• Provide targeted support for state and local reform initiatives
• Develop messaging to support change
• Build a community of reform-minded people

3 Days Count
Smarter Pretrial
The Pretrial Uprisers - Investors in Justice Reform
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