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Taught by PJI’s dynamic faculty and partners, our courses will help you take meaningful steps toward ending mass incarceration.


Why learn with PJI?


Be the first to experience PJI’s new courses grounded in Local Antiracist Pretrial Justice—in a collaborative space that honors your lived and professional experience.


Bring your unique perspective and local challenges, so our faculty can personalize your learning experience. We welcome questions, courageous conversations and creative thinkers.


Meet pretrial stakeholders from all different vantage points—cultivating bonds (and mutual understanding) that extend far beyond the virtual classroom.


Hit the ground running with new tools for identifying barriers to equity, new insights to help you galvanize change, and a network of peers to help keep you accountable and inspired.

Upcoming Courses


Unlocking the Power of Data for Justice System Leaders

Join us on October 4 & 18 for an executive seminar and coaching opportunity with the data experts from Empact Solutions.

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Unlocking the Power of Data for Justice System Leaders
Two Day Course

Equitable Pretrial Justice: Principles & Strategies

This two-day course covers the legal foundations and best practices in pretrial justice through a racial equity lens. Next session starts November 8.

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Equitable Pretrial Justice: Principles & Strategies
Free Workshop

Pretrial Basics

This free introductory workshop is for anyone seeking a better understanding of how the pretrial system works—and its impact on communities. Join our next session on October 5!

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Pretrial Basics
“Great information delivered in a collaborative, accepting atmosphere.”


"The discussion about collecting positive data was really informative and reframed some of my thinking, particularly around prosecution metrics."


“What an engaging way to learn about the current state, and hopefully the future, of pretrial justice.”