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Pretrial Supervision, Like Detention, Should Be Carefully Limited

19 Jul 2016

Guest blog by Charlotte McPherson Manager, Pretrial Services, State of Kentucky

Life, liberty and…supervision? Not sure our founding fathers would have approved. We can speculate on the thoughts or intent of those drafting our Constitution, but when they penned “life,

PJI Commends Alaska’s Criminal Justice Reforms

11 Jul 2016

For Immediate Release: July 11, 2016

Contact: Fiona Druge, fiona.druge@berlinrosen.com, (646) 755-6126

Governor Signs Justice Reinvestment Law with Sweeping Changes to Pretrial Policy
JUNEAU – Today Alaska Governor Bill Walker will sign into law a sweeping criminal justice reform

Fairness is Fiscally Responsible

06 Jul 2016

By Jane Wiseman and Stephen Goldsmith

This guest post, re-posted from Data Smart City Solutions site of the Ash Center for Democratic Governance at the Harvard Kennedy School, is an expanded version of a column that originally appeared on Governing.com.

Few opportunities produce

To Respect Liberty, Guard It Carefully

01 Jul 2016

The Fourth of July—Independence Day—reminds us that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are supposed to be “inalienable” rights that cannot be taken away. We know, however, that liberty is a right that can be taken away. After all,

Let Unconvicted Men Be Fathers

22 Jun 2016

By Spike Bradford, editor-in-chief

Last Sunday was Father’s Day; when children and fathers around the country take time to cherish the special bond that men can have with their kids. But children of incarcerated fathers aren’t able to celebrate the