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To Better Address Reentry, Restrict Entry

26 Apr 2016

The Department of Justice has designated April 24-30 as National Reentry Week. Attorney General Loretta Lynch has asked all U.S. Attorneys to host a reentry event, including job fairs, family days, father-daughter dances, and mock interview programs, to bring attention to the circumstances and needs of people who return to society after a period of incarceration.

These are vital events, and the…

Risk-based Pretrial Systems Serve Victims’ Needs Better Than Current Practice

13 Apr 2016

It is impossible to know how it feels to be a victim of crime if you have never been one. In addition to the loss of property or bodily harm, the experience may also involve psychological trauma that can linger long after property is replaced or wounds heal.

This is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, and the focus this year is the importance of early intervention in serving victims’ needs…

The Promise and Practice of Risk Assessment Tools

30 Mar 2016

By Jo-Ann Wallace, President & CEO, National Legal Aid & Defender Association

Embedded within America’s justice system is the promise of due process, a promise broken by pretrial systems that make unnecessary denial of liberty routine. The destabilizing effects on the lives of half a million Americans detained before their trials each year are well-documented, and contribute to the g…