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2014 Pretrial Justice Working Group Strategic Summit: Meeting Summary

15 Dec 2014

The 2014 Pretrial Justice Working Group (PJWG) strategic summit was held in the Office of Justice Programs ballroom on December 5th. With over 70 attendees representing national professional organizations, government agencies and policy advocacy groups, the summit provided informative presentations and engaging dialogue. Moreover, the gathering was an example of the kind of collaboration and camar…

A Balancing Act: Thanksgiving, Families, and Pretrial Justice

25 Nov 2014

Holidays are a balancing act for most families: juggling life’s normal responsibilities with the extra work of planning get-togethers and travelling. It all adds up to a lot of time, energy, and resources, but we do it because it is worth the effort. We do it because we want to be with the people who raised us, the people we were raised with—our children, parents, grandparents, siblings, spous…

PJI: Part of the Plan

12 Nov 2014

By Bruce Beaudin, PJI Board Member

When I was a young Georgetown University law student in the early 60’s, I had no idea that pretrial justice would define so much of my professional life and create so many friendships and relationships with people who shared my passion for more just and effective pretrial practices. While still in law school, I was fortunate to be hired as the first pretrial…