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Money Bond Fails Victims of Domestic Violence

28 Sep 2016

Laura. Yolanda. Tierne. Zeljka. These are the names of four women who paid the ultimate price because of failed money bail systems. And “price” is the right word. Their attackers all had been recently arrested for serious physical abuse against

Getting Back to $0

14 Sep 2016

By Cherise Fanno Burdeen

Zero-Based Thinking (ZBT) is an exercise for businesses and organizations looking to improve part or all of their practices. ZBT starts with a simple question: “if I could do it over again, from the beginning, what would

Back To (Pretrial) School

31 Aug 2016

Yes, summer is over and it’s back-to-school time—for the kiddos and for you! The University of Pretrial (UP) has the perfect way to ease back into your work improving pretrial justice.

This afternoon (Wednesday August 31, 2016) UP is hosting