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“Wholehearted Involvement”

29 Oct 2014

The American Bar Association’s Pretrial Justice Committee
By Tim Schnacke

In a 1964 speech to the American Bar Association’s Criminal Law Section, Attorney General Robert Kennedy spoke passionately of the need for bail reform, stating that solutions to unjust and ineffective bail systems “require the wholehearted involvement of the legal profession. Starting with law students and reachin…

Happy Third Birthday, PJWG!

15 Oct 2014

For those of you with small children in your lives, sometimes getting past the “terrible twos” can be a feat. With temper tantrums and saying “no” to everything, some two-year olds can make an otherwise sane adult feel a little nuts. But, around the age of three, that same child begins to develop a vivid imagination and starts to ask a lot of questions. Well, your Pretrial Justice Working…

It’s About Results, Not Money

08 Oct 2014

This article originally appeared on the Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia website.

By Clifford T. Keenan, Director, Pretrial Services Agency for the District of Columbia

Washington, DC, is considered a model for its overall administration of pretrial justice, not just because of its statutory framework, but also due to the agency that supports the courts in this process …