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Pretrial Risk Assessment – Perpetuating or Disrupting Racial Bias?

06 Dec 2016

Guest blog by Marie VanNostrand, Ph.D., Justice Project Manager, Luminosity

Several years ago I coined the term ‘resource-based vs. risk-based’ to describe the two primary systems of pretrial release in our country. One system relies on a defendant’s financial resources to determine

Giving Thanks in 2016

23 Nov 2016

Whether you are a long-time PJI newsletter reader who still has hard copies of The Pretrial Reporter, a first-time visitor wondering what pretrial justice is all about or even someone who thinks things are just fine the way they are

New Mexico and Oklahoma pass commonsense pretrial reform

10 Nov 2016

While most eyes were focused on Tuesday’s presidential and congressional races, at least two measures passed at the state level that will help improve pretrial justice.

In New Mexico voters approved a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit the detention of defendants