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The DOJ’s Ferguson Report Shows Why Our Bail System is a Disaster

17 Mar 2015

This article originally appeared on msnbc.com on March 10, 2015

By Cherise Fanno Burdeen, Executive Director, Pretrial Justice Institute

“It’s only three days.”

That’s what a court staffer in Ferguson, Missouri told the Department of Justice when asked why they don’t track the time a person spends behind bars before their case is heard by a judge.

In Ferguson, if you are arre…

Pretrial Reform Advocates: Ferguson Findings Just the Beginning, Racial Disparities in Detention Pretrial is Nationwide Epidemic

04 Mar 2015


Bias-driven police brutality was not the only part of the criminal justice system under fire in yesterday’s DOJ report findings in Ferguson; the detention of people of color in large numbers without convictions also came under the microscope. Those findings aren’t unique to Ferguson, according to the Pretrial Justice Institute, a national leader in the fight against discrimina…

Stuck in Pretrial Limbo

04 Mar 2015

By Craig DeRoche, President, Justice Fellowship

Joe has not been convicted of a crime. He’s innocent, in fact, but he’s still in jail. He’s been sitting there for over two months now, waiting to appear before a judge, waiting for the chance to prove his innocence, but his trial date is nowhere in sight, and he doesn’t have the money to post bond.

Joe is in limbo—pretrial limbo—a…