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The 2014 Progress Report

14 Apr 2015

Implementing the Recommendations of the National Symposium on Pretrial Justice
Throughout 2014, the Pretrial Justice Working Group (PJWG), a growing community of leaders in pretrial justice reform in its third year of activity, built on its momentum to advance safe, fair and effective pretrial justice nationwide.

Most American communities are still subject to pretrial practices that result in…

Safe, Fair and Effective Pretrial Justice is Crucial to Law Enforcement

01 Apr 2015

By Mike Ward, Chief of Police, Alexandria, Kentucky

“The denial of a citizen’s liberty through the arrest process is the greatest single power the government maintains under the United States Constitution. The Framers of the Constitution knew that this power had been historically abused by European Governments and took specific action in the ‘Bill of Rights’ to ensure our government did…

The DOJ’s Ferguson Report Shows Why Our Bail System is a Disaster

17 Mar 2015

This article originally appeared on msnbc.com on March 10, 2015

By Cherise Fanno Burdeen, Executive Director, Pretrial Justice Institute

“It’s only three days.”

That’s what a court staffer in Ferguson, Missouri told the Department of Justice when asked why they don’t track the time a person spends behind bars before their case is heard by a judge.

In Ferguson, if you are arre…