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Let Unconvicted Men Be Fathers

22 Jun 2016

By Spike Bradford, editor-in-chief

Last Sunday was Father’s Day; when children and fathers around the country take time to cherish the special bond that men can have with their kids. But children of incarcerated fathers aren’t able to celebrate the way they should—with hugs and ballgames.

It is a tragedy when a father is convicted of a crime and incarcerated, leaving a child or chil…

Guam. Sun, beaches, motorcycles and a firm commitment to pretrial justice

08 Jun 2016

By Cherise Fanno Burdeen, executive director, Pretrial Justice Institute

This was a big week in PJI-land. On June 2nd, we announced the first of the 3DaysCount™ sites!

Guam is an unincorporated island territory of the United States, located in the South Pacific with a population of 161,785 (roughly the same as Fort Lauderdale, FL) and average daily temperature of 81.4 degrees. To reach Gua…

More Evidence of the Harms of Money Bail

25 May 2016

Three research reports released earlier this month add substantially to what we know about the harms caused by money bail. Research is crucial to building momentum for reform and countering the still-too-common notion that bail reform addresses “a problem we’re not sure exists.”

Here is that latest research showing—yet again—that there IS a problem, and it is money bail:

The Heavy Co…