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Connecticut Joins National Movement to Improve Pretrial Justice

23 Feb 2017

For Immediate Release: February 23, 2017
Contact: Fiona Druge, fiona.druge@berlinrosen.com, (646) 755-6126; Chris Collibee (Office of Governor Dannel Malloy), chris.collibee@ct.gov, (860) 205-7457
3DaysCount Campaign Offers Path to Fairer Outcomes, Greater Public Safety, and Better Use of Public Resources
Connecticut —

Legislative Audit Exposes Needs for Pretrial Improvements in Utah

08 Feb 2017

Few people would imagine Utah as a hotspot for bail reform. But the state’s legislature recently published a scathing critique of how the for-profit money bond industry operates there. It’s called A Performance Audit of Utah’s Monetary Bail System, and

Maryland Takes Step Toward More Fair & Effective Justice System

07 Feb 2017

For Immediate Release: February 7, 2017

Contacts: Fiona Druge, fiona.druge@berlinrosen.com | 646.755.6126
Court of Appeals Approves Bail Rule Change
Today, Maryland’s Court of Appeals approved a change to the court rules that govern the state’s money bail system. This reform seeks both

Pi-Con: come help us break a few eggs…

25 Jan 2017

For several months, PJI has been promising that our upcoming Worldwide Pretrial Innovators Convention, or Pi-Con, will be different, special, and “unlike any other justice gathering you’ve been to.” Now that Pi-Con is just six weeks away, it’s time we

How Much Taxpayer Cash Do America’s Money Bail Systems Waste?

23 Jan 2017

For Immediate Release: January 23, 2017

Contacts: Fiona Druge, fiona.druge@berlinrosen.com | 646.755.6126
Two New Reports from the Pretrial Justice Institute Analyze Costs of Unnecessary Pretrial Detention
Washington, DC – Two new publications from the Pretrial Justice Institute shed fresh light on the

NJ Bail Reform No “Unfunded Mandate”

10 Jan 2017

New Jersey’s sweeping and long-awaited bail reforms passed a crucial final hurdle just before New Year’s when the state’s little-known Council on Local Mandates, which has the power to invalidate legislation it considers an “unfunded mandate,” denied a challenge to