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Turning Down the Spigot of Over-Incarceration

21 Jul 2015

President Obama’s unprecedented move last week to address our nation’s bloated and unfair criminal justice system will flounder if we fail to address the pipeline to mass incarceration: the pretrial justice system.

Speaking to a meeting of the NAACP last Tuesday, the president called the system, “skewed by race and by wealth, a source of inequity that has ripple effects on families and on…

Loss of Employment: A Collateral Consequence of Unnecessary Detention

07 Jul 2015

An unconvicted person’s job does not wait while he or she is behind bars awaiting trial. The #unconvicted project images from this week focus on those who have lost jobs due to being detained.

We know that employment is one factor that has a significant impact on the recidivism of individuals returning from incarceration. Yet, by requiring cash bail from those who can’t afford it, we inadve…

36 Words

07 Jul 2015

Originally published on Bail Basics on June 9, 2015

By Tim Schnacke, executive director of the Center for Legal and Evidence-Based Practices

I’m not quite sure how this didn’t make the front page of the New York Times, because it’s the beginning of the end of money bail in America. The other day, in a federal court case in Missouri, a judge issued a declaratory judgment containing the…