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Defenders: Advocates for Pretrial Justice

23 Jul 2014

Defenders. The name makes them sound like superheroes. To many people who find themselves facing criminal charges, they are heroes. They are the tireless voice that advocates for defendants in justice systems that often favor the prosecution. And if they are public defenders working on behalf of low-income clients, their hours are long and the pay is low.

Defenders are often the heroes of the p…

National Sheriffs’ Conference Votes No on Commercial Bail Bonds Resolution

27 Jun 2014

By Gilliam County Sheriff Gary Bettencourt, President, Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association
Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney, Ada County, Idaho
Newport News Sheriff Gabe Morgan, City of Newport News, Virginia
Executive Director, Colorado Department of Public Safety Stan Hilkey, former Mesa County Sheriff

(Fort Worth, TX) – Lobbyists for the for-profit bail system hoped the National Sheriffs’ As…

Colorado Continues its Journey Toward Improving Pretrial Justice

25 Jun 2014

In 2013, Colorado’s pretrial statute was rewritten to make the law more consistent with Supreme Court law, recent advances in pretrial research, and national best practice standards. Last week, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed SB 14-212, a bill that cleans up and clarifies portions of the statute as well as rectifies some non-conforming language. Among other things, the new bill remove…