3DaysCount™ for State-Level Change

3 Days CountLocal efforts to improve pretrial justice are limited by state-level structures, such as statutes, constitutions, and court rules. Modifying these structures is often needed to enable and accelerate local reform.

In 2015, PJI launched 3DaysCount—named for how quickly pretrial detention can upend a person’s  life—to facilitate pretrial reform at the state level.

3DaysCount follows the example of places such as Colorado, Kentucky, and New Jersey, where updated state laws empowered local jurisdictions to implement better pretrial justice policies and practices. Like Smart Pretrial—PJI’s framework for local reform—3DaysCount provides a path of inquiry, goal setting, and implementation focused on ensuring lasting change.

PJI’s 3DaysCount partners are state-level actors, institutions, and organizations focused on updating state statutes, court rules, and constitutions; implementing best practices statewide; and empowering and mobilizing community and public support so that all people understand and are able to engage in the change process.


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  • Hon. Tina L. Nadeau
    We are committed to implementing smarter pretrial justice policies here in New Hampshire. The 3DaysCount model will help us start the process of evaluating our current practices regarding money bail and pretrial justice. This will help us determine the best ways to make changes and to take action.
    Hon. Tina L. Nadeau
    Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Superior Court
  • Kathleen M. Dumais
    Our country needs the kinds of solutions that 3DaysCount advocates to restore our criminal justice systems to where taxpayers can have confidence that they are effective and fair.
    Kathleen M. Dumais
    Delegate, 15th District State of Maryland
  • Cory Booker
    For so many Americans with limited income, or those living paycheck to paycheck, the inability to make a high bail payment can mean losing a job or even eviction from a home. Many states, including my home state of New Jersey, have taken important steps to improve pretrial justice and I applaud the 3DaysCount campaign to improve pretrial justice...
    Cory Booker
    US Senator from New Jersey