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The Jefferson County Awakening

A few years ago a small group of criminal justice planners in Jefferson County, Colorado noticed the jail seemed to be overflowing with individuals waiting for […]

California’s Crisitunity

California’s Public Safety Realignment has created what Homer Simpson would call a crisitunity (crisis + opportunity = crisitunity). With an increasing number of convicted individuals serving […]

Bail Schedule Disparities in California Counties

For years the Pretrial Justice Institute has pointed to the use of bail schedules as not only contradicting U.S. Supreme Court law, but also pointing to […]

Pretrial Incarceration: A Debtor’s Prison

On July 3, New York Times Columnist Ethan Bronner wrote a piece on the unfairness and possible unconstitutionality of private probation companies. A week later, an […]

AG Eric Holder Speaking at the 2011 National Symposium on Pretrial Justice


A Little Pork with Your Tea?

The 2011 Spending Reduction Act contains a dizzying array of federal spending cuts in addition to those mentioned in Courtland Milloy’s column of 1/29. Alcohol reduction […]

Newt Gingrich and Pat Nolan Encourage Conservative Legislators to Think Creatively About Criminal Justice Reform

In a January 7, 2010 Washington Post Op Ed piece, former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and former Republican leader of the California State Assembly […]

Health care costs of jail inmates may compel Texas counties to consider alternatives to incarceration for mentally ill and drug addicted defendants

The Texas Tribune reported this week that jail inmates in Texas are dying at nearly the same rates as inmates in Texas prisons, despite the fact […]

Connecticut state officials begin to question whether the state’s bail industry protects the public

An article recently published on raises questions about the number of defendants obtaining pretrial release through discounted bonds, and the effect such practices have on […]