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Unlocking the Power of Data for Justice System Leaders

Join us on October 4 & 18 for an executive seminar and coaching opportunity with the data experts from Empact Solutions.


This fall, PJI is partnering with Empact Solutions to offer a one-time executive development opportunity for justice system leaders.

Are you ready to harness the power of data within your justice agency? Join us for "Unlocking the Power of Data" on October 4 and 18. During this interactive seminar, you will engage with peers and faculty on strategies to advance data culture within your organization. You'll also learn how to effectively use data visualization to support collaborative decision-making with your partners and community.

This experience is highly personalized! In the two weeks between sessions, you'll conduct your own organizational data culture assessment—and receive expert coaching to help you create an action plan based on the results. (Consider attending with a colleague for built-in support as you work to operationalize your learnings.)

As with all PJI courses, conversations will be grounded in antiracism with the goal of advancing equitable reform initiatives.

Who should enroll?

This seminar is designed for leaders at all levels who play a role in data policy, culture and practice in their organization.

What you’ll learn?

  • Articulate the value and impact of data-informed decision making in the justice system

  • Explore essential components of a strong data culture

  • Apply the principles of data collection and analysis to support equitable reform initiatives

  • Develop change management strategies and leadership skills essential for cultivating a data-driven culture within justice organizations

  • Explore the art of effective data visualization and communication


Executive Course


About Our Pricing: PJI uses a tiered pricing structure to acknowledge differences in accessibility while reflecting the value and cost of our courses. We also offer a 20% discount for groups of 5 or more. To register your group, contact us at

Available Dates

October 4 & 18 @ 2-4PM ET

Enroll Today

Helpful Tip

Space is limited to 15, so Jason and Amanda can provide individualized coaching to each participant. We encourage you to register early to secure your spot!


Jason Melchi

Jason Melchi

Founder, Empact Solutions

Jason Melchi is the founder and Chief Data Dude at Empact Solutions, with nearly 15 years of consulting locally and nationally in justice reform initiatives. After earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology from Purdue University, Jason worked for 12 years designing and developing information systems. In 2008, he switched gears to focus more directly on public service, earning a Master’s in Social Work from Indiana University. He combines his experience with information system technology, social work, and interest in justice reform to fill gaps that often exist in building data-informed justice systems. He is a data advocate, teacher, and coach, often serving as a “data therapist,” helping stakeholders feel more confident and empowered in their use of data. He leverages his unusual combination of knowledge, skills, experience, and passion to bridge the gap between the technical and human elements of using data, bringing both a strong understanding of data and a compassionate approach to serving others.
Amanda Petteruti

Amanda Petteruti

Senior Associate, Empact Solutions

Amanda is a Senior Associate at Empact Solutions. She is a data analyst and project manager, committed to empowering people with data to reform justice systems. During her career, Amanda served as Research and Policy Officer with the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS), Washington, D.C.’s juvenile justice agency. Prior to working at DYRS, she served in a number of different positions with the Justice Policy Institute, including serving as Associate Director responsible for the nonprofit’s operations and research. Most recently, she completed an intensive full-stack web-development course and worked with federal agencies to build Tableau Dashboards and coordinate data collection system enhancement to support the use of data in decision-making.