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Two Day Course

Equitable Pretrial Justice: Principles & Strategies

This two-day course covers the legal foundations and best practices in pretrial justice through a racial equity lens. Next session starts November 8.


This eight-hour class—spread out over two days—covers the legal foundations and best practices in pretrial justice through a racial equity lens. You'll have the opportunity to reflect on your local policies and practices; discuss how the field is evolving through litigation, research, and advocacy efforts; and identify opportunities for system improvement.

Who should enroll?

Community advocates, public officials, practitioners working with the pretrial population at the state and/or local level—or anyone else seeking to influence pretrial justice. If you want to contribute to a pretrial process that advances equity, supports people safely in the community and closes the front door to mass incarceration, this class is for you.

What you’ll learn?

  • Goals of the pretrial process
  • History of pretrial justice through an equity lens
  • The current state of pretrial justice and its impact on communities
  • Legal foundations and best practices for bail decision-making, pretrial release, and equitable treatment
  • National trends and current controversies in the field
  • How to assess your local pretrial policies & practices


Private Sector / Philanthropy


Government / Nonprofit


Community Advocates


About Our Pricing: PJI uses a tiered pricing structure to acknowledge differences in accessibility while reflecting the value and cost of our courses. We also offer a 20% discount for groups of 5 or more. To register your group, contact us at

Available Dates

November 8 & 9 @ 12-4PM ET

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Helpful Tip

Plan to set aside at least two hours in advance to review the pre-course work—and log in early if you need tech support! You'll get the most out of class if you participate on camera.


Meghan Guevara

Meghan Guevara

Executive Partner

Meghan is driven by a passion for building community wellness and dismantling structures of oppression. Over the past 17 years, she has worked on a broad range of national, state and local training and technical assistance initiatives that critically examine and improve the way public systems function—most recently helping local coalitions and jurisdictions develop antiracist solutions for pretrial policies and practices.
Shavonte Keaton

Shavonte Keaton

Senior Associate, Local Change Work

As a former foster youth and child of a formerly incarcerated parent, Shavonte has spent over a decade of her career using her life experiences to support her work in advancing systemic solutions to the distinct challenges and barriers that system-involved youth and their families face. At PJI, Shavonte develops and implements the organization’s change work and curriculum.
Tenille Patterson

Tenille Patterson

Executive Partner

Tenille’s work at PJI is part of a lifelong mission to create safe, nurturing workplaces for people representing diversity of thought, lived experience, gender, race, and ethnicity. A CPA by trade, she transitioned to the nonprofit field to align with her spirit of advocacy and social justice. She has spent the last ten years as an executive leader, helping to drive transformational change in nonprofit organizations, including PJI and the Center for Urban Families.