• Voices with Impact (6/26/2019)

    By James Kilgore, co-director of FirstFollowers Reentry Program

    There is an orthodoxy that changing laws should be left in the hands of legislators, lawyers and policy experts. But our recent campaign around changing electronic monitoring (EM) laws in Illinois provides another clear example of why the voice and participation of impacted people adds a key dimension to the process of policy change. Though this legislation focused on the state’s use of EM after people had completed their sentences, there are real lessons for folks working on pretrial legislation. (more…)


Pretrial Justice Working Group 2013 Annual Summit Materials

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Judges’ Perspectives

The National Judicial College has produced a new publication, Pretrial Justice in Criminal Cases: Judges’ Perspectives on Key Issues and Opportunities for Improvement. The report is […]


Welcome to the new PJI Website. We hope the site is easier to read, more intuitive and reflects our renewed energy.

The Problem

The bail system in America is broken.

Get Involved

There are many actions that you can take to help alleviate the issues associated with the current bail system in America. This is where we highlight […]

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Many people accused of committing crimes remain in pretrial custody only because they cannot afford a nominal bail. People with strong ties to the community who […]

The Problem

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The Solution

Pretrial risk assessment and community-based supervision have been proven to be effective tools to determine who to release pending trial and how to help keep the […]

The Jefferson County Awakening

A few years ago a small group of criminal justice planners in Jefferson County, Colorado noticed the jail seemed to be overflowing with individuals waiting for […]