• FOMO at PI-Con? You bet! (2/20/2019)

    The Pretrial Innovators Convention, also known as PI-Con, is less than a month away, on March 14-15 in Denver. If you haven’t registered yet, you have one more day to register before having one of the biggest cases of FOMO in your life. (FOMO, for the uninitiated, is the Fear Of Missing Out.) 

    At PJI, we take great pride in making PI-Con the unconventional convention. This is no sitting-around experience, but instead, one where you will get into cutting edge issues, connect with an array of experts in the field, and come away with ideas on how these ideas apply to practices back home. (more…)


Step Up to Remove People with Mental Illnesses from Jails

56-year-old veteran Jerome Murdough was arrested for sleeping in the stairwell of a Harlem public housing project on a cold winter night. Murdough, who had been […]

Prosecutors Turn Away from Money Bail

Of the many encouraging developments in pretrial justice recently is the growing number of prosecutors who are publicly acknowledging the limitations of money bail and the […]

People Make Change (Data Helps)

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Feedback on The State of Pretrial Justice in America

By Cherise Fanno Burdeen Two weeks ago PJI released The State of Pretrial Justice in America, a nationwide report card measuring each state’s—and America’s—progress toward safe, […]

Tax Officials Call Money Bail a ‘Bad Deal’

A new report out of San Francisco underscores—once again—how money bail fails the jurisdictions that use it and the people forced to pay for their liberty. […]

Fairness is Fiscally Responsible

By Jane Wiseman and Stephen Goldsmith This guest post, re-posted from Data Smart City Solutions site of the Ash Center for Democratic Governance at the Harvard Kennedy School, […]

The DOJ’s Ferguson Report Shows Why Our Bail System is a Disaster

This article originally appeared on msnbc.com on March 10, 2015 By Cherise Fanno Burdeen, Executive Director, Pretrial Justice Institute “It’s only three days.” That’s what a […]