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Announcing the new PJI Help Desk

Pretrial Justice Institute


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Welcome to the launch of PJI’s latest service: The Pretrial Help Desk!

Our new Help Desk offers expert guidance, curated resources, and practical tips for people working to advance pretrial justice.

Whether you’re a community advocate, judge, attorney, elected official, pretrial practitioner, or anyone else seeking info or assistance, we want to hear from you.

Our team is ready (and excited!) to answer your questions, connect you to partners around the country who’ve faced similar challenges, or guide you through our library of 3,000+ pubs and more.

Meet the Experts

Consider us your official Pretrial Nerd Squad!

Shavonte Keaton, Esq.

Shavonte is an attorney with lived experience who knows both the youth and adult criminal legal systems. She has advanced system change in the field — and she’ll help you move from policy to implementation.

Meghan Guevara

Meghan is an executive, policy wonk, and big-picture strategist. She wants to hear your bold vision for pretrial justice — and talk through what’s holding you back from getting there.

John Clark

John has spent more than 40 years as a pretrial practitioner, trainer and technical advisor, always keeping his eye on what’s new. He’ll roll up his sleeves and dive into your most detailed questions.

Josh Schott

Josh is an organizer, founder and racial justice advocate. He’ll help you figure out how to mobilize your colleagues and your community in pursuit of equitable pretrial justice.

Wendy Shang, Esq.

Wendy is a writer, researcher, lawyer, and our in-house librarian. If there’s a resource out there to help you, she’ll find it!

Media Contact

Are you a member of the press? Send us a message to request information or arrange an interview with a member of our team. Please include your outlet and deadline.