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PJI Releases “What If: 10 Questions for Sparking Local Pretrial Change”

Pretrial Justice Institute


Imagine a pretrial system guided by equity and shared values, where there are many opportunities to remain safely in the community, and few roads to incarceration. A system that prioritizes support over surveillance. A system that demands liberty as the norm.

That’s the future we’re inviting readers to envision in “What If? 10 Questions for Sparking Local Pretrial Change” — a decidedly new kind of publication from our team at the Pretrial Justice Institute.
Inside this interactive magazine-style publication, you'll find:

  • QUESTIONS for thinking expansively about pretrial justice
  • EXAMPLES of promising practices from around the country
  • LINKS to resources from thought leaders in the field
  • A DISCUSSION GUIDE to help you explore local values and priorities

We strongly believe the bold, fresh ideas we need already exist in communities across the country — in people with lived experience and those who work at the intersections of justice.

PJI is committed to working with all of you to center equity and disrupt the pathway to mass incarceration. (And we hope you'll find "What If?" to be a valuable addition to your pretrial changemaker took kit!)

Together, we can help build a more just, thriving, and safe society — starting with the front end of the criminal legal system.

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