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Law Enforcement's Leadership Role in the Pretrial Release and Detention Process by IACP, IACP Leadership Role in Pretrial 2011.pdf (590.2 KiB)
Guidelines For Staffing A Local CJCC by Jones, Guidelines for Staffing a Local CJCC - Jones 2012.pdf (961.0 KiB)
Implementing Risk Assessment In The Federal Pretrial Services System by Cadigan, Implementing Risk Assessment in the Federal Pretrial Services System - Cadigan et al 2011.pdf (614.0 KiB)
Assessing Local Pretrial Justice Functions , Assessing Local Pretrial Justice Functions - NIC 2011.pdf (645.7 KiB)
Using Outside Expertise: Know What to Expect by PJI, PJI Using Outside Expertise Know What To Expect .pdf (192.7 KiB) - This guide addresses short-term, on-site TA. It is designed to explain the process, set expectations, and outline requirements that will be placed on the jurisdiction that is requesting the TA.