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Exploring The Impact Of Supervision On Pretrial Outcomes - LJAF 2013 by Laura and John Arnold Foundation, Exploring the Impact of Supervision on Pretrial Outcomes - LJAF 2013.pdf (369.1 KiB)
Queens County Supervised Release Program: Impact on Court Processing and Outcomes , Queens County Supervised Release Program- Impact on Court Processing ad Outcomes - CJA 2013.pdf (253.7 KiB)
Using Technology to Enhance Pretrial Services: Current Applications and Future Possibilities , PJI USING TECHNOLOGY TO ENHANCE PRETRIAL SERVICES.pdf (514.0 KiB)
Assessing Local Pretrial Justice Functions , Assessing Local Pretrial Justice Functions - NIC 2011.pdf (645.7 KiB)
State of the Science of Pretrial Release Recommendations and Supervision , PJI State of the Science Pretrial Recommendations and Supervision (2011).pdf (546.2 KiB) - This document begins with a discussion of the legal issues that are relevant to persons who have been accused, but not yet adjudicated, of a crime. It describes the possible legal implications of pretrial release practices, including the setting of specific conditions of pretrial release. Following that is a discussion of research results regarding pretrial release conditions and interventions. The final section presents existing guidelines for pretrial release recommendations and differential pretrial supervision.
Reducing Failure to Appear in Nebraska: A Field Study , Reducing Failure to Appear (Nebraska Lawyer, September 2010).pdf (126.6 KiB)
Fourth Judicial District Court Reminder Project , 4th Judicial District MN Court Reminder Project for Juveniles (2008).pdf (593.6 KiB)
Court Appearance Notification System: 2007 Analysis Highlights , Multnomah County Oregon - CANS Highlights 2007.pdf (190.5 KiB)
Expanded Validation of Decision Iad for Pretrial Conditional release , Expanded Validation of Pretrial Risk Assessment in CT (2007).pdf (266.9 KiB)
Court Appearance Notification System: Evaluation Highlights , Multnomah County Oregon CANS Cost Benefit 2006.pdf (113.3 KiB)