The Pretrial UPrisers: Investors in Justice Reform


IN THE CROWDED FIELD OF JUSTICE REFORM, THE PRETRIAL JUSTICE INSTITUTE stands out. We are a robust, results-driven organization of experts that has put pretrial reform where it belongs: at the forefront of efforts to improve America’s criminal justice system.

We are, in short, unmessable with.

PJI is seeking bold individuals—people driven by humanitarian values and a determination to make great things happen—to invest in our kind of commonsense reform: change that generates real, measurable improvements.

40 by 40 Campaign: The Pretrial UPrisers is a self-selecting group that allows PJI to work in otherwise unfunded areas—and also preserves the Institute's strength and independence—by investing a minimum of $1,000 annually to underwrite legislative, judicial and community advocacy for fairer, race- and gender-neutral pretrial practices. PJI invites you to participate as an inaugural member of the Pretrial UPrisers, as we seek 40 new investors by our 40th birthday in early 2017.

If you want to see our courts making more intelligent, more equitable pretrial incarceration decisions rooted in rational, evidence­-based assessments of risk, join us at any one of these levels:

$100,000 Top Ninja
$50,000 Ninja Angel
$25,000 UPriser Platform Club
$10,000 Forward Thinker
$5,000 Social Reformer
$1,000 Change Agent

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Contributions can be made online or by mail by entering the amount in the field above and selecting the "contribute" button. We accept many different payment types. For more information about the specifics of PJI's work, or to structure your contribution over time, please contact Rachel Sottile Logvin, Vice President, at 305.323.5493 or

The Pretiral UPrisers - Investors In Justice Reform
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The Pretrial Justice Institute is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All donations are tax-deductible.