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Recent Activities

At the close of the second year, the Delaware policy team continues to hold information sessions with state agencies and community groups to spread the message that risk-informed pretrial systems are safer, fairer, and a better value than the state’s current system.

With the support of leaders throughout the criminal justice system the policy team has also been able to identify opportunities for making improvements in statewide criminal justice data. These data consist of more than 100 data points that indicate how the state’s pretrial system is functioning. It is the first time Delaware has undertaken such an effort, and the result will be an important step toward developing a statewide, validated pretrial risk tool, which the policy team will implement in early 2017 as part of its sustainability plan.

Other policy team accomplishments and ongoing efforts include:

  • The statewide Pretrial Services Division has modified its supervision policies to stratify supervision levels according to risk and alleged offense;
  • The policy team’s Performance Outcomes Subcommittee has been working toward developing a scorecard to measure pretrial outcomes and make recommendations to improve interagency data collection and reporting capacity; and
  • Its Legal Analysis Subcommittee has been collaborating with the Delaware Supreme Court’s Access to Justice Initiative to explore legislative recommendations that will modernize the state’s bail system.

Delaware Pretrial System Vision Statement:

We envision a fair pretrial system that relies on individualized decisions based on risk and the effective use of resources to honor individual rights, protect public safety, and promote the administration of justice.

  Delaware’s selection as a Smart Pretrial Demonstration Initiative site has helped to facilitate meaningful conversations about pretrial justice issues across conference room and breakfast tables. It puts us in a prime position to work collaboratively as a statewide community; analyze the impact of our current pretrial detention decision-making process; and propose responsive solutions, as appropriate, that reflect sound criminal justice policy."

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