Pretrial Supervision & Monitoring

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Jurisdictions should have a pretrial services program or similar entity that provides supervision and monitoring of defendants released by the court, reminds them of their upcoming court dates, and other court orders.


Supervision services can greatly improve pretrial outcomes by providing appropriate conditions and services for those awaiting trial. Supervision should only be used on those who need it based on individual strengths and weaknesses. Research on the risk principle asserts that over supervision of low risk defendants produces poor outcomes and wastes resources. Common pretrial supervision conditions include checking in with a pretrial case manager, court date reminders, drug testing, GPS supervision, and/or treatment referrals.

American Bar Association Standards

Standard 10-1.10

  develop and provide appropriate and effective supervision for all persons released pending adjudication who are assigned supervision as a condition of release.
ABA Criminal Justice Standards on Pretrial Release Third Edition


Risk Based Pretrial Release Recommendations & Supervision Guidelines
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