Pretrial Risk Assessment

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Jurisdictions should have a pretrial services program or similar entity that conducts a risk assessment on all defendants in custody awaiting the initial appearance in court. Jurisdictions should also have a mechanism to regularly review the pretrial detainee population in the jail to see if circumstances may have changed that could allow for pretrial release.


A high functioning pretrial justice system should conduct a risk assessment and provide supervision for those released pending trial. The pretrial risk assessment should be empirically based and locally validated to be predictive of failure to appear in court and re-arrest while on pretrial status. In addition to assessments to determine pretrial release, specialized assessments such as domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health evaluations can assist in the release and supervision decision.

American Bar Association Standards

Standard 10-1.10

  Every jurisdiction should establish a pretrial services agency or program to collect and present the necessary information present risk assessments, and, consistent with court policy, make release recommendations required by the judicial officer in making release decisions...
ABA Criminal Justice Standards on Pretrial Release Third Edition


Pretrial Risk Assessment: Science Provides Guidance on Managing Defendants
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