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For Immediate Release: February 7, 2017

Contacts: Fiona Druge, | 646.755.6126

Court of Appeals Approves Bail Rule Change

Today, Maryland’s Court of Appeals approved a change to the court rules that govern the state’s money bail system. This reform seeks both to reduce the number of low-risk people who are unfairly and expensively jailed before their trial only because they cannot afford bail and to make it easier for the courts to detain defendants who pose an unmanageable risk to the community. (more…)


For Immediate Release: January 23, 2017

Contacts: Fiona Druge, | 646.755.6126

Two New Reports from the Pretrial Justice Institute Analyze Costs of Unnecessary Pretrial Detention

Washington, DC – Two new publications from the Pretrial Justice Institute shed fresh light on the ineffectiveness, public costs, and collateral impact of using money bail in America’s pretrial justice systems.

Pretrial Justice: How Much Does It Cost? is a comprehensive examination of the most recent research on the financial cost of the money bail system. Most people in U.S.  jails—more than 3 in 5—have not yet been to trial. The vast majority of these legally innocent men and women are locked up solely because they cannot afford money bail, not because evidence suggests they pose a risk to the community while they await their trial. This report summarizes the full range of costs that result from current ineffective pretrial justice policies—from the cost of jailing people before trial to the costs poor people incur from the for-profit bail bond industry and the opportunity costs of not adopting research-backed alternatives to money bail.  Highlights include:  (more…)


For Immediate Release: January 9, 2017

Contacts: Fiona Druge, | 646.755.6126

Governor Cuomo Advocates for Pretrial Reforms in His Proposed Justice Overhaul

Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a package of criminal justice reforms, including improvements to the state money bail system. These proposals aim to overhaul practices that unfairly punish the poor, like the state’s current practice of basing pretrial release decisions on an individual’s ability to pay bail rather than the risk he or she poses to public safety. The legislation Governor Cuomo proposes would allow judges to consider the danger an individual may pose to the community rather than simply flight risk and mandate the use of risk assessment tools in pretrial release decisions that data shows to be unbiased and effective for New York. These reforms—which are evidence-based and reflect national best practices—will help to better ensure higher risk individuals remain behind bars before their trial while lower risk New Yorkers can be released before their trial. (more…)


For Immediate Release: October 26, 2016

Christopher Bonjean, Director of Communications Illinois Supreme Court |  312.793.2323
Michelle Jett, Chief of Staff State Representative Carol Ammons, 103rd District | 217.531.1660
Fiona Druge, Pretrial Justice Institute Press Contact | 646.755.6126

3DaysCount™ Campaign Offers Path to Smaller Jail Populations and Greater Public Safety

LOMBARD, Ill. — Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Rita B. Garman, State Representative Carol Ammons, Administrative Office of Illinois Courts Director Mike Tardy and Cherise Fanno Burdeen, CEO of the Pretrial Justice Institute (PJI), today announced that Illinois is joining 3DaysCount™, a national campaign to make pretrial justice safer, fairer and more effective. The campaign will focus on examining pretrial justice laws and court rules—the crucial structures that support good criminal justice policies from the point of arrest to when cases are resolved. Illinois is the second jurisdiction to announce its participation in 3DaysCount, which will support state-level partnerships aimed at improved public safety and better outcomes. (more…)


For Immediate Release: August 16, 2016

Contact: Fiona Druge,, (646) 755-6126

Arizona Task Force Encourages More Jurisdictions to Utilize Evidence-Based Risk Assessments

Today, in a report commissioned by Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Scott Bales, the state Task Force on Fair Justice for All made a series of sweeping recommendations to the Arizona Judicial Council including reforms to make the state’s pretrial justice system more fair and effective. Among other reforms, the report calls for eliminating the use of cash bond as a means to secure a defendant’s appearance for a future court date, and recommends the expanded use of the Arnold Foundation’s risk assessment tool to determine pretrial release decisions.

Cherise Fanno Burdeen, chief executive officer of the Pretrial Justice Institute, issued the following statement about the announcement: (more…)