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The University of Pretrial (UP) is PJI’s state-of-the-art online learning community where policymakers and pretrial professionals can learn about the latest data-driven pretrial policies and practices. UP will meet the ever-expanding needs of those committed to reforming pretrial justice in America, and around the world, by facilitating learning, convening a national community of professionals, and offering access to expert assistance.

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The 3DaysCount campaign is a nationwide initiative to reduce unnecessary arrests that destabilize families and communities, replace discriminatory money bail with practical, risk-based decision-making, and restrict detention (after due process) to the small number of people who pose a genuine threat to public safety.

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The Smart Pretrial Demonstration Initiative will test the cost savings and public safety enhancements that can be achieved by improving pretrial policies and practices. Specifically, the program will evaluate the impact of moving to a pretrial justice system that relies on risk assessment to inform pretrial release decision-making and demonstrate how risk management strategies can improve pretrial outcomes. These improvements are expected to increase the efficiency of the justice system, while being more fair and just to defendants.

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The purpose of the Pretrial Racial Justice Initiative (PRJI) is to form partnerships between civil rights groups and criminal justice reform organizations in order to address the disparate impact that pretrial detention practices have on African American and Latino defendants, perpetuating our nation’s mass incarceration crisis.

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The mission of the Pretrial Justice Working Group (PJWG) is to collaboratively address the challenges in moving from a costly pretrial justice system to one that is safe, fair and effective. Formed following Attorney General Eric Holder's 2011 National Symposium on Pretrial Justice, the PJWG is co-managed by PJI and the Office of Justice Programs and currently consists of roughly 90 organizations engaged in advancing pretrial justice.

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For more than two decades the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, a project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, has focused on making informed detention decisions about youth involved in the justice system. Like the adult justice system, juvenile justice systems unnecessarily detain many individuals at great expense and with long-lasting negative consequences for both public safety and youth development.

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The Safety and Justice Challenge is an initiative to reduce over-incarceration by changing the way America thinks about and uses jails. The initiative—an initial five-year, $100 million investment by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation—features a competition to help jurisdictions across the country create fairer, more effective local justice systems. PJI serves as the convener of the Safety and Justice Challenge Network.

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  We need to engage key partners and innovators across the country to guide our efforts, to bring an expanded network of stakeholders to the table, and to push for responsible reform… We need your expertise. We need your ideas. And we need your help.
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Judges across the country are taking a leadership role in moving from resource-based to risk-based pretrial decision making. Please visit our Court Resources page to learn what judges are doing to improve the front-end of the criminal justice system and how you can get involved.

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The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys has recognized the usefulness of pretrial services and validated risk assessment. Visit our Screening by an Experienced Prosecutor page to learn how prosecutors can improve the pretrial process and watch Attorney General Eric Holder speaking on pretrial justice reform.

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Defense Community

The American Council of Chief Defenders along with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers have called for more just pretrial practices. Visit our Defense Counsel page to learn how the defense community can improve pretrial justice.

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Law Enforcement

A growing number of law enforcement executives such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the National Association of Sheriffs are calling for safer pretrial practices. Visit IACP’s Pretrial Justice Reform Initiative page to learn more about what law enforcement can do to improve pretrial justice.

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Pretrial Services Practitioners

The National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies is a great resource for practitioner training, certification and program accreditation. Visit for more information.

Victims & Victims Advocates

Victims want a system based on defendant risk and accountability of defendants in complying with court orders of supervision. We want to hear from victims and victims’ advocates about how pretrial decision-making has affected you.

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In order to effectively bring about change, we need to hear from those who are affected most by the system.

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County Leadership

County leadership is responsible for a vast array of services; one of the most important is community safety. Visit the National Association of Counties’ Front-End Justice Reform page to learn how you can improve pretrial practices in your county.

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Counties can only make progress in their policies and practices when the state bail laws support legal and evidence-based pretrial justice. States are beginning to update their bail laws, moving to risk-based, not resource-based laws, but much more needs to be done. Visit our Policy Brief page to learn more about pretrial justice and to view model legislation.

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Research Community

A key element in pretrial reform is to follow evidence-based practices provided by quality research. Visit our Research Community page to see previous work and to learn how others are measuring success and failure in pretrial release.

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Criminal Justice Advocates

Much of what PJI does overlaps with other parts of criminal and social justice issues. PJI encourages advocacy groups to consider joining the National Pretrial Justice Coalition.

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