PJI Staff


Tim_wesiteTimothy J. Murray

Executive Director

Mr. Murray has worked as a criminal justice practitioner at the local, state and federal levels for 40 years. His extensive pretrial justice experience includes management and executive positions with the pretrial services systems in Washington, D.C., and Miami-Dade County, Fla. While in Miami, he was the principal architect and administrator of the nation’s first drug court. He went on to serve with the U.S. Department of Justice as first director of the Drug Court Program Office.

Following that appointment, Tim held the positions of Director of Policy and Planning and Director of Program Development at the Bureau of Justice Assistance. He completed his federal service as part of the start-up team for the Transportation Security Administration, now part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He was selected as PJI’s Executive Director in 2006. He has provided technical assistance to hundreds of programs and organizations, nationally and internationally. He is a lifetime member of the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies and is the proud recipient of the Association’s most prestigious honor, the Ennis J. Olgiati Award. He also serves as the Executive Director for the Institute for Justice Planning, a subsidiary of PJI providing planning support to jurisdictions engaged in criminal justice system reform.

Email: tim@pretrial.org  Phone: 240.676.0252

Cherise_websiteCherise Fanno Burdeen

Incoming Executive Director

Ms. Burdeen earned her Masters in Criminal Justice from Indiana University and began her career with the research office of the Department of Justice. After federal service that included time with the Department of Homeland Security, Ms. Burdeen joined PJI in 2006. Since then, Ms. Burdeen has developed innovative strategies to raise awareness of pretrial justice issues, worked with a broad constituency of criminal justice stakeholder groups, provided technical assistance and training on policy reforms, and engaged in communications and media efforts. She has extensive experience with strategic planning, initiative management, and communications efforts across the criminal justice system. Ms. Burdeen currently serves as the 2013/2014 President of the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies. She also serves as the COO for the Institute for Justice Planning, a subsidiary of PJI providing planning support to jurisdictions engaged in criminal justice system reform.

Email: cherise@pretrial.org   Phone: 240.338.3827


Amy DeVries

Chief Operating Officer

Ms. DeVries received her Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting from George Mason University and passed the Certified Public Accountant exam on her first attempt in 1999. After a period as a not-for-profit auditor, she worked in the Hi-Tech industry before moving back into the not-for-profit sector as the Financial Manager for The JFA Institute in Washington, DC. She joined PJI with over ten years of experience working in management, contract revenue, government grants and financial reporting both internal and external.

Email: amy@pretrial.org   Phone: 210.236.8185

John_websiteJohn Clark

Senior Project Associate

Mr. Clark has worked closely with officials in hundreds of jurisdictions to gain support for and implement pretrial justice reforms. He has extensive experience in conducting system assessments, gathering and analyzing data, and presenting findings both orally and in writing, as well as in training judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, pretrial services program administrators, and others on pretrial justice-related topics. His expertise includes identifying causes of jail crowding, implementing validated pretrial risk assessment instruments, identifying alternatives to detention, and pretrial services program development. Prior to joining PJI in 1987, John worked at the D.C. Pretrial Services Agency for eight years.  He has a Master’s Degree in the Administration of Justice from American University. He is a lifetime member of the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies and is the proud recipient of the Association’s most prestigious honor, the Ennis J. Olgiati Award.

Email: john@pretrial.org   Phone: 202.841.3179

MikeMichael R. Jones

Senior Project Associate

Mr. Jones is a senior project associate, staffing PJI’s Rocky Mountain office in Colorado. He has assisted dozens of states and local jurisdictions in understanding and implementing more legal and empirically-based pretrial policies and practices. He currently provides strategic planning, training, technical assistance, and consulting to a variety of justice system policy-makers nationwide. In Colorado, he led the project to develop Colorado’s first empirically-based pretrial risk assessment tool, coordinated pretrial services programs’ statutorily mandated performance measurement, and assisted justice system decision-makers in their efforts to defeat regressive legislation and pass progressive legislation. Prior to PJI, he worked for nine years as a criminal justice planner and manager in Jefferson County, Colorado, where he was lead staff for the local criminal justice coordinating committee. He has also worked as a technical resource provider for the National Institute of Corrections since 2004, providing justice system assessments and assisting local jurisdictions in developing or improving their capacity for systemic collaboration and data-guided policy-making. Mike has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.

Email: mike@pretrial.org   Phone: 303.870.0378

Spike_websiteSpike Bradford

Director of Communications

Mr. Bradford’s professional career began at the Department of the Attorney General for the State of Hawai`i where he evaluated the juvenile correctional system and oversaw data collection for the Uniform Crime Reports. He has subsequently worked in justice reform, education and training, and public health in Washington, DC, Nairobi, Kenya and Lusaka, Zambia. Most recently, Spike was Senior Research Associate at the Justice Policy Institute (JPI), a DC-based non-profit organization. His work at JPI included research projects covering state-based reform, delinquency prevention strategies, corrections analysis and, most detailed, bail reform. Spike holds a Masters degree in Sociology from the University of Hawaii and a Masters of Education from Bowling Green State University.

Email: spike@pretrial.org   Phone: 614.377.0727

BryanBryan Taylor

Chief Innovation Officer

Mr. Taylor works with various technologies to effectively convey the messages related to pretrial justice. Bryan maintains pretrial.org along with PJI’s blog, newsletter, and social media. In addition to adult pretrial work, he maintains the JDAI Helpdesk and works with juvenile justice leadership to improve the resources available to JDAI sites. He received his Master’s in Public Policy from Brigham Young University with an emphasis in crime and corrections policy. While in school he worked closely with leadership in Utah County to improve pretrial outcomes including the creation of an implementation plan and securing funding for the project. In addition to pretrial justice policy, he has published research on the effectiveness of a drug outpatient program in the Utah County Jail and a meta-analysis of substance abuse treatment programs.

Email: bryan@pretrial.org   Phone: 425.770.6618

PamPamela Davis

Program Coordinator

Ms. Davis’s work includes administrative, editing, writing and events support. She has over 16 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, working in program, volunteer services, development and administrative capacities at organizations focusing on youth development, financial justice, health, the environment and civil rights. She has also served as a grants manager for two foundations that fund international and national organizations. In addition, she has volunteered at a variety of nonprofits and currently serves on the Board of the New York Association for Volunteer Administration. She has a PhD in English and American Literature from New York University.

Email: pam@pretrial.org   Phone: 413-330-1003

Darleen_websiteDarleen Underwood

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Underwood’s work includes assisting fellow staff at PJI with administrative duties. She has recently graduated from the University of Richmond with a B.A in Sociology. Her past experiences include intern, voluntary, and advocacy work dealing with issues such as child abuse, substance abuse, and other matters dealing with inequality. She plans to attend graduate school for Public Policy in order to expand her future career opportunities within and around the field of direct service.

Email: darleen@pretrial.org


Deon Jones

Communications Fellow

Mr. Jones is a senior majoring in political science at The American University and a 2013 Harry S. Truman Scholar. He serves as a National Spokesperson for the Campaign for Youth Justice, an NGO committed to ending youth involvement in the adult criminal justice system. He also founded the Manifest Leadership Institute, a leadership program that caters to incarcerated youth. Deon has held fellowship and internship positions with the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, the White House, and Teach for America. In addition, Deon served as a DC Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner from 2011-2013, becoming the youngest elected city official in Washington, DC’s history. He serves on the board of directors of America’s Promise Alliance.

Email: deon@pretrial.org