A Little Pork with Your Tea?


The 2011 Spending Reduction Act contains a dizzying array of federal spending cuts in addition to those mentioned in Courtland Milloy’s column of 1/29. Alcohol reduction programs for children, loans to encourage new prosecutors, economic aid to Egypt, etc., are all on the chopping block. One provision of the proposed Act does not cut federal spending however, even by a penny. At the behest of the tiny bail bonding industry, (which is publicly claiming victory as a result), the Act prohibits states and localities from spending their formula grant funds to support evidence-based pretrial services programs. Why? Simply because bail bondsmen see these programs as eating into their own profits. This provision does not save taxpayers money, reduce the deficit or rein in government intrusion. Instead, it caters to lobbyists while endangering public safety and restricting the discretion of local governments in deciding what is best for their communities. A new era on Capitol Hill? It sounds like they’re serving the same old bill of fare at this tea party.

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